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Andrea de Chirico

0 miles production

︎ Objects
︎ Co-creation, local production, product design
︎ Milan, Italy
︎ www.super-local.org

Project desciption
SUPERLOCAL, 0 miles production is a global network for artist-makers that share an attitude. We envision a world where as the robots are taking care of mass-production, the humans are dedicated to self-production. Therefore, by enjoying the great digital and analogical tools that are available, we make the everyday-life objects we need.

We embrace the complexity of our reality by always working at different scales (from global to local and all the in betweens) doing immersions into specific contexts and seeking for a neverending balance between intuition and control over our processes. Such attitude resulted into 16 different objects, 4 production tours and a number of conferences and workshops internationally. And you? How do you want your everyday- life objects to be produced?

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
Well my personal relation is due to the fact that being a designer I'm keen on the study of reality. It has been years now that I'm reading books related to the universal basic income, which looks like the most reasonable solution to the loss of jobs and the automation of labour. I believe in a future where all the heavy labour is made by the robots, while humans are investing their times into creative activities and initiatives to strenghten what differenciate us from machines. This will lead to a more human based set of activities, and SL is an attempt to bring back production to a more human scale. In addition, the pandemia is once more telling us that we need to be radical and most of all be fast.

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