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Antonia Lambieva


︎ Drawings (triptych)
︎ Financial seperation, social norms
︎ Lisbon, Portugal

Project desciption
Collages with ink drawing, triptych

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
Social norms, no matter of their differences in various parts of the world, are a living, breathing structure that develops with humanity. Our mentality drastically changes, our understandings of what is acceptable and what is not. Henceforth, why shouldn’t society break out of the most demanding things we have established ourselves – working in order to afford a normal life, dedicating every single minute to our incomes. In this sense, every single one of us shares the same fate and yet we are further apart than ever. These artworks are a representation of this separation that exists between people, caused by finances and other things. Now the struggle is to tear down this outdated and damaging concept and get out of the box.

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