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︎︎︎the sense of Kreuzberg SO36 district in Berlin (D)
Artist in residence @SOMA Art Space in Berlin september 2019

︎︎︎Die Reichen, Reichenbergerstr. 108A, 60×45cm

︎︎︎Neo Liberalism, Reichenbergerstr., 40×25 cm

︎︎︎Hilfe Dir, Reichenbergerstr., 25×25 cm
Baukje Spaltro

City Sphere SO36 Kreuzberg Berlin

︎ Paintings
︎ Space creation, communities, local sense
︎ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
︎  www.baukjespaltro.com

Project desciption
City Sphere SO36 shows the sense of the Kreuzberg district in Berlin in September 2019. It is 2x4 meters big, and made with mized media on linen.

I paint City Spheres, fluor cloud-shaped installations, during a short stay in European cities. I also connect with local communities.

Through colored urban reflections I show the sense of this place in that moment.

As an ode to diversity and local identities. And for awareness about our cities, as space creations, in contemporary ‘united’ Europe.

We have to change the way we shape our urban society. Changes starts with new perceptions and new images.

I use fluor colors, because they boycot any rational thinking and force you into an intuitive perception. To listen to your inner voice, your senses. It’s another kind of perception.

City Spheres is inspired by philosopher Peter Sloterdijk: “ It’s not about WHO we are but WHERE we are. This place, a Sphere, reacts like an immune-system. One time you are in, the other time you are excluded.”

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
I connect contemporary art with the social domain, for more insight and wellbeing in urban Europe. We are the society, what do we find important, and how do we start a change to obtain this?

I think with new imaginaries. I create colored perceptions of the urban world we live in. For awareness of our current social identity and our role in it. “I sense so I am” that’s why I capture local sense of European cities, and show these to locals, to start a new dialogue about our local identity and awareness that we are the ones who decide what’s important in todays democratic society.

I believe in connected diversity.

Further projects ︎︎︎