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Gabriel Haggenmüller and Simon Herzog

Bedingungsloses GrundEinKommen

︎ Podcast
︎ Debate
︎ Munich, Germany / Vienna, Austria

Project description
During the corona pandemics the basic income debate regained relevance. But we recognized that among a wide part of society the concept is neither clearly nor properly understood. Universal basic income is one of the most interesting approaches to deal with the question, is there a right to live on a decent and substantial income? The concept is critisized as well as pushed forward by all different kinds of thinktanks, from neoliberalism to left wing politicians. From a scientist and a sociopolitical perspective there is a lot to explain and discuss, which we tried in this episode....

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
It deals fundamentally with the idea, reflects, explains, criticizes, advocates.

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