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Gunnar Grandel

A new public domain: diverse workspaces for the post-work society

︎ Urban planning
︎ Postwork society, workspaces
︎ Vienna, Austria
︎  www. gunnargrandel.net

Project description
"A new public domain" (working title) reflects on the effects of UBI and the automation of work for urban planning. How must our cities change when the borders between work, voluntary commitment, and leisure time blur? Which new infrastructures do we need? Respectively, which infrastructures become possible to realise the emancipatory potentials of UBI?

With the ties between “employers” and “employees” vanishing, so does the physical workplace as we knew it. In this speculative urban design for an area in peripheral Favoriten (Vienna) it is replaced by a public infrastructure for self-determined working, containing a diverse set of self-organised workspaces. These are funded by the municipality and run by enthusiasts, accessible for everyone and evaluated periodically. The workspaces target various needs, from neighbourhood desks and meeting places to city-level shared laboratories, raising individual as well as collective freedom to a next level.

ANPD emerged from a project with Nina Koth, Sarah Bernhard and Hannes Schachner at TU Wien’s future.lab.

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
The UBI is a much discussed, yet still abstract concept. To inspire people for UBI, but also to better understand its possible impacts for society and prepare its implementation, we need more concrete speculations of a future with UBI in various fields of research and design. This project is a modest attempt on my part for urban planning :)

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