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Henrique Nascimento

Choreographies of Future Jobs

︎ Animation
︎ Technologies, future of work, economy
︎ Lisbon, Portugal
︎  www.henriquenasc.com

Project description
Often when someone speaks about Universal Basic Income (UBI) always comes as a portrait of a way to see the world. Opinions around the topic tend to be rather characterized as utopian or dystopian.

This project emphasizes the nature of the evolution of UBI as well as other mechanisms that bring economical equality under the perspective of the future of work, by exploring and revealing the narratives of two extreme and often antagonistic opinion polos.

In a series of interviews that ranged from philosophers to anthropologists, futurologists to digital artists, a set of discussions on the future of work with and without UBI set the foundation for two distinctive videos. The viewer will be placed in the position of a god-like perspective crossing those two opposite polos represented by everyday life events in a fictional city. With the aim to display a possible nearby future, the outcomes of the interviews are compiled in the short but provoking journey, aiming to give us a suggestive imagination on how the future of work might be.  

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
The project is part of an ongoing research on the implications of culture, technology, and economical principles over the future of work. These videos and conclusions are the part that focuses on UBI ideas or similar mechanisms that bring economical equality and therefore economical prosperity. By placing UBI ideas next to next- generation problems not only highlights the need for a change on economical policies as it helps to contextualize and compare UBI in realtime with antagonistic principles.

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