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Vivan Storlund and Jonathan Schuit

Widening horizons… (book),  I did it my view (painting)

︎ Book (Vivan Storlund), Painting/Bookcover (Jonathan Schuit)
︎ Writing, debate
︎ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
︎ Widenen horizons (book) on Amazon
︎ www.vivanstorlund.com
︎ www.jonathanschuit.com

Project description (Vivan Storlund)
Widening horizons by mining the wealth of creative thinkers: to seize the empowering potentials of the digital age with artists as precursors and Basic Income as the means.
2018, 337 p. self-published on Amazon

We need to free ourselves from the theoretical and legal shackles that hold us fast to outmoded systems and practices. This we can do by updating our mental software and seize the great opportunities the digital age offers. A redefinition of work that takes account of all activities people are engaged in is a primary requirement. To duly compensate for unpaid or underpaid work, we need a global Universal Basic Income.

Project description (Jonathan Schuit)
In my paintings I evoke daydreaming contemplation. When I painted 'I did it my view' I loved the tower as a symbol; the moment when you're still contemplating, you doubt, get yourself prepared, analyse… before you climb the tower and see the wonderful horizon…

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?  (Vivan Storlund) 
Every person on this planet could live a life as an active citizen if we

  • at a theoretical level make a decisive change in our perceptions
  • at a practical level introduce a global universal basic income

My reform agenda is to widen our horizons and mine the abundant wealth that creative thinkers offer us. To reach out, we need to size the empowering potentials the digital age offers.

Artists hold a special position as they can see beyond superficial appearances. And they have, throughout the ages, been struggling to be able to do their art.

The means that would make all this possible is a global Universal Basic Income.

It has been a challenge for me, to find a cover for my book that would illustrate my agenda, until I saw Jonathan Schuit's paining 'I did it my view'. His painting and cover design are now illustrating my reform agenda for the digital age, Widening horizons …

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income? (Jonathan Schuit)
As an artist I feel joy and fulfilment when I'm able to paint. But, it's always a struggle to find time and money to do it. Basic income would be such a great solution!
I got inspired about basic income through Vivan Storlund, who was campaigning for and writing a book about it. I got excited… it could give me security and time to use my talent for my art, instead of completely different work… this is all the more frustrating when I see how positively people react to my art.

Vivan was struggling to find a cover that would reflect the changing mindset her agenda requires. She fell for my painting 'I did it my view' that reflects the widening horizons she advocates… It felt like two personal ambitions came together in this book.

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