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Kat Zavada

Hyper Hyper Podcast # 1 Universal Basic Income

︎ Podcast
︎ Debate
︎ Glasgow, Uk
︎ www.soundcloud.com/hyperhyperpodcast

Project description
There are some radical ideas too bold to be accept now. Some of them will end up in the theory junkyard. Some will become common sense. Hyper Hyper takes those fringe, but complex concepts and tackle a microcosmos of their possible impact on art and artists situation. Each episode is a taught experiment in a form of ‘what if’. 

#1 Universal Basic Income

After Andrew Young presidential campaign UBI again became a centre of interest. In the first episode together with Glasgow based artists, Janie Nicoll, we speculate what if we would all receive a basic income.

The episode has been launched just before the UK's lockdown. As COVID crisis was developing it become more clear that the discussion around basic income from status of radical convert to necessary.

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
In this episode I'm exploring with artists possible impact of UBI in terms of their personal life and practice and on the society.

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