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Luna Maluna Gri

Power of Connection

︎ Drawings
︎ Interconnectivity, collaboration
︎ Vienna, Austria

Project description
The work is a comic strip of three pages. It's about a person who thinks that she is all alone out there, with all her problems, etc. , on her 'island'. But then she suddenly sees another person also being out there in the sea, which is also on their own Island. When they see each other and realise that they are not so alone after all they start connecting, symbolised through a rope. As we go along they recognize more and more people around them and all start connecting. And as they all connect they build all the countries of the earth.

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
If we would all work together and really connect beyond our differences we could build a world which is good for everyone and were really everyone is looked out for and supported.

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