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Oscar  Salguero

HIBER 1.0: An Interior Life

︎ Posters, Manifesto
︎ Interior life awareness, post COVID- 19, RIP lifestyle culture
︎ Brooklyn, NY, USA
︎  www.pleoforma.com

Project description
HIBER 1.0 proposes a series of 3 functional and conceptual tools to navigate a post COVID- 19 reality.

HIBER 1.0 signals the end of lifestyle culture (consumer driven) and its replacement by a new planetary, interior life awareness (consumer dormant).

In a decade that demands radical infrastructural and systemic change, we propose first to radically alter the code: the individual can evolve from a state of uncertainty into one of newer, more conscious realities.

A HIBER NATION promotes health, shelter, nutrition, dignity and love. A HIBER NATION confidently cancels the nonessential.
A HIBER NATION quietly reads and formulates the next action.

HIBER 1.0 draws inspiration from the Whole Earth Catalog, Ursula K. Le Guin, Brian Wilson's 'Radiant Radish' Health Food Store, and The Diggers.

The project was developed by Oscar Salguero, in collaboration with the 433 Institute and MLF [Mark Lombardi Faction].

Content: 3 A1 Posters + 3 12x12" Posters + 1 22x22” Manifesto Poster

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
A reality post COVID-19 will be marked by a renewed sense of connection to our interior life. Our collective focus will now shift to the beauty of the essential: health, shelter, nutrition, love.

I believe these principles will be equally welcome by a nation benefitting from a UBI program.

A UBI will free imagination and culture from their manipulation by capitalism. HIBER 1.0 will offer accessible tools of liberation: a bag to carry energy home, seeds for new thoughts, and a bread baking form to nourish the next action.

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