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Interview ︎ Coronavirus The Economic Crisis
Published by The Real Story – BBC World Service
Guest speaker Yanis Varoufakis
Published April 2020
Interview ︎The coronavirus puts an end to selfishness
Original title Das Coronavirus macht Schluss mit dem Egoismus
Published by Dissenspodcast
Guest speaker Rutger Bregman
Published  1 April 2020

In the News

Article  ︎The neoliberal era is ending. What comes next?
Published by  The Correspondent
Written by  Rutger Bregman
Published  14 May 2020
“In a crisis, what was once unthinkable can suddenly become inevitable.”

Article  ︎Virus lays bare the frailty of the social contract
Published by  Financial Times
Written by   Financial Times Editorial Board
Published  3 April 2020
“Policies until recently considered eccentric, such as basic income and wealth taxes, will have to be in the mix.”