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This project is about creating a collaborative and open archive of artistic perspectives, which illuminate and address the idea of a Universal Basic Income and its associated issues.

If you would like to contribute your project/work, which deals with the idea of a Universal Basic Income and its related issues, please send it by e-mail with the following information to: mail(at)nobodyisanisland.cc

The information we need:
1. Your first Name
2. Your last Name
3. Your home base (e.g. Vienna, Austria)
4. Title of your project/work
5. Short description about your submission
6. Short description of how your project/work is related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?

7. Your instagram profile
8. Your website

Please name your submitted files in this way:
(e.g.: Andrew-Yang_UBI-for-All_01.jpg)

For the transmission of files that are larger than 10MB please use wetransfer.com (or another file sharing provider).

With your participation to this archive your agree to the terms of participation that can be found ︎︎︎here.

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