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︎︎︎Image by Mathias Eis Schultz
Theresa Scherrer


︎ Objects, video
︎ Despair, financial (in)security
︎ The Hague, The Netherlands
︎ www.theresascherrer.eu

Project description
Series of custom printed Umbrellas. Also, a film does exist.

Crybrella shows moments of ultimate despair, all images were taken within the last 3 months of graduation. While there is no obvious reason to be this upset, they are all caused by the conflict of choosing a creative independent life with no financial securities or going commercial, being financially well but dissatisfied creatively. To tailor some of these moments into umbrellas – which can perfectly be used in real life and are not solely an art piece – was a light-hearted approach to all midtwenties crying crisis. In the end, it will likely be fine.

Crybrella has been part of the Grad Show at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. The footage has been showcased at Sexyland Amsterdam, 2019.

How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
I have in the past worked around the idea of a competitive creative industry, not necessarily Universal Basic Income. Ultimately my worries about the industry could lead to a discussion if UBI will enable amazing opportunities for people with fewer financial options.

Further projects ︎︎︎