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︎ Activism, Paste-Ups
︎ Public intervention, activism
︎ Grebin, Germany

Project description
Paste-Ups ( paint on paper ) and printed Stickers.

In this day and age it appears that the expression of hatred is not only accepted, but cool and fashionable. Hate though is counterproductive to growth and harmony. Hate hurts and pains not only the hated, but also the hater. Hate makes us small. Hate isolates. Hate destroys.

Love heals. Love let’s one rise. Love connects.
Love is as essential for ( personal ) growth as it is for the growth of a community.

By pasting colorful hearts with the word RELOVEUTION, which at a quick glance can easily be mistaken for REVOLUTION, I want to challenge the onlooker to reflect upon this.

How is your project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?

At first it doesn’t seem to be connected. On second thought though, one is part of the other. Only if I drop egocentric and narcissistic tendencies, if I drop personal greed and the thirst for power will I be able to allow for compassion and altruistic behavior. A UBI would be (is) an ultimate expression of unconditional love.

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