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Vivian Tseng

A nice girl (Good Girl I)

︎ Painting
︎ Gender pay gap, self acceptance
︎ Vienna, Austria

Project description/
How is the project/work related to the idea of a Universal Basic Income?
Oil on Canvas, 120cm x 90 cm, 2020

So as everyone should know, most women are not paid equal as men, even if they're doing the same amount of work. In my painting I compare the tree behind the girl as our economy system. What is money made out of? Paper. Where does paper come from? Trees. A young woman crying with a black eye, this image can have a lot of meanings but what is for sure is that this women has experienced abuse, injustice, has been exploitered. A lot of inexperienced young women find themself in difficult situations where they have been scammed. Ambitious young women such as the singer Kesha, Taylor Swift other female artist make headlines for being exploitered by their companys. But I'm not just talking about famous females, no, not at all. This girl stands for all female who are paid unfairly. And I do know that some men are paid just as unfairly, but most of the time men still get paid more than women. I am not excluding these innocent men. I am focusing on the gender that has been paid less attention the last few centuries.

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